22 Jul 2015

Gallery 4

Fruits Counteract Cardiovascular Disease. For example, lemons, limes, grapefruits are especially good for this. According to Mayoclinic, fruits have less calories and more fiber content, which is beneficial for cardiovascular health. However, you must avoid eating too much coconut.

Fruits are sources of essential vitamins and minerals. Your body needs these nutrients to work at its best. To maintain a right balance of hormones, we need these vitamins and minerals. So, the second benefit of having fruit is balancing the important hormones. Fruits are the best natural sources of important nutrients. You don’t have to depend on any supplements additionally if you eat fruits regularly.

Our garden is full of colourful flowers. We have a row of roses on one side and seasonal flowers on the other side. These flowers include marigold, petunia, pansy, ester, hibiscus, sunflower and marigold. It is delightful to see these flowers blooming. My mother makes sure that the plants get regular watering and composting so that they grow and grow the way they should. I also help my mother in these activities.

I am thankful to my mother for giving me such a beautiful place to sit and enjoy nature.

22 Jul 2015

Gallery 2

The most crowded garden is in the evening because at that time everyone goes for a walk. Some people are having a conversation, then somewhere the children are playing. There are many different types of gardens like fruit garden, flower garden and garden for walking.

The garden which is made for walking has a paved road around it, where people can take a leisurely stroll. Many tired people rest in the gardens. Natural beauty is seen in the garden, which brings great satisfaction to the mind.
My garden is my favourite part of my house. I can spend hours in my garden without getting bored. It makes me come alive and I just love that feeling. This is my mother who maintains the garden at our house as she does in other household chores. She is a huge nature lover and had an idea to make a beautiful garden at home, even though there is not much space here.

Most people in our neighbourhoo