22 Jul 2015

Gallery 6

My garden is my favourite part of my house. I can spend hours in my garden without getting bored. It makes me come alive and I just love that feeling. This is my mother who maintains the garden at our house as she does in other household chores. She is a huge nature lover and had an idea to make a beautiful garden at home, even though there is not much space here.

Most people in our neighbourhood have converted this space into a car parking area in their home or covered the space to build a small room. But my mother chose to convert this small piece of land into a beautiful garden.

22 Jul 2015

Gallery 5

Trees are God’s greatest gift to life on earth. They give oxygen, food, shelter, and rains. Trees also filter the air and make it clean. Tree roots bind the soil and keep it intact. For birds and animals, a tree is like a house. It is like a natural roof overhead. Without trees, birds will be most in danger. They will have no place to nest and lay eggs. Soon all of them will die. Animals relax under trees in summer. They also get shelter from the rain. Animals and birds eat the fruits of trees. Trees save birds and small animals from predators.

Trees help us as long as they live. They also help keep the temperature under control. They help by cooling the air in summer. Elephants and other animals eat the leaves of trees. They are helpful even when they die. Their wood is used to make furniture. It is burned to cook food and get heat. The fallen leaves are very good fertilizer. Trees live for hundreds of years and help us. We must plant as many trees as possible. We must also not damage a tree and let it live.

03 Jun 2015

Gallery 1

As many beautiful and beautiful flowers remain in the garden, they are very good to see and all the people get drunk by looking at them. May be called a garden, but it pleases everyone’s heart.

Many gardens look beautiful. Colours in the garden are colourful and attract everyone. There is a field for young children to play in the garden and there are also swings around it. People go for a walk in this garden in the morning and evening.

The person enjoys a lot by going to that place. Children also get very happy. Seeing the beauty of nature in the garden, the mind becomes very light and new communication of consciousness is found. The beautiful fragrance of flowers starts in the garden, due to which the mind gets energized.