Agroforestry, the intentional integration of agricultural and forestry-based land-use systems, provides multiple benefits that collectively contribute to agroecosystem sustainability. Agroforestry addresses the nation’s land stewardship needs by converting degraded lands, protecting sensitive lands, and diversifying farm production systems. 

As part of an ecologically-based land management system, agroforestry practices can maintain ecosystem diversity and processes that contribute to long-term sustainability and environmental quality.

This white paper identifies unique needs and recommends actions to develop and implement agroforestry nationally. The recommended actions for agroforestry are supported by a unified community of interest.

Although there is strong interest and potential for agroforestry to help achieve many sustainability goals, agroforestry development and implementation is impeded because it is non-traditional, lacks recognition, and cuts across agencies, programs, and disciplines. Present programs are neither designed nor funded sufficiently to deal with agroforestry.